Are you exhausted
just thinking about your to-do-list?


The answer isn’t just a shorter “to-do” list. It’s a life that includes attention
to your deep soul needs. When you let your world expand to create space
for the things you really love, your energy grows in proportion. I can help
you rediscover your balance and purpose, so you can hop out of bed
feeling excited about the day you’ve designed for yourself.

Live Bigger PROCESS:

Using Coach With Michelle tools and assessments to Live Bigger, Bolder, Braver, we look at current reality, explore what changes need to be made and create an action plan to implement. During this process the client is mentored and coached keeping in mind ongoing accountability and future sustainability for desired outcomes.


Client maximizes their strengths and abilities stretching beyond what they initially thought possible, preparing them for future challenges and new leadership roles.


Michelle is an excellent teacher! I loathed the idea of taking this class, but found it to be very enjoyable and fun and I can already see the benefits I’ve received.
PUBLIC SPEAKING STUDENTColorado Mountain College
I can’t say enough about my experience working with Michelle! Her light, gentle, caring approach was so effective in helping me relax and not feel like there were a lot of expectations on me. Being a “pleaser” by nature, that was a huge relief. She has the patience of a saint and is always flexible with the focus of our sessions as my life events change. No matter what the topic is, I am always blown away by her insights and thought-provoking statements. She has helped me understand not only the ‘what’ of the changes I need to make but also way more of the ‘why’ than I had any awareness of! Some of it truly revolutionized my approach to life and it made the ‘how’ so much easier. I highly recommend coaching with Michelle to anyone who finds themselves stuck in rut in any area of their life and unable to effect lasting change on their own or who are overwhelmed by current or approaching life events. You will be amazed at how she helps you sort things out with challenging, results-oriented questions and fun exercises. She will hold you accountable, too, and is great about checking in by email between sessions. It really helps keep you on track.
SARA LAWRENCESr. Systems EngineerTarget Corporation

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