Do you hesitate when making decisions
or limit your choices unnecessarily?


Everyone feels lost and unsure sometimes, but those feelings are no match for your ability to commit to the  things  that really matter to you. We can help you develop the courage to align with your goals, speak with forthright clarity, and choose the path you want to create.


Using Coach With Michelle tools and assessments to Live Bigger, Bolder, Braver, we work with leaders one-on-one or with entire organizations and teams to determine what’s working, what’s wanted and what’s needed in order to overcome barriers, reach goals and realize their unlimited potential.


A discovery of proactive (as opposed to reactive) ways to manage opportunities and challenges; acquire constructive communication skills and methods to enhance communication effectiveness; and new ways to frame observations and feedback opening up new possibilities and spurring action.


I have become more open with friends and co-workers and much less afraid to talk to people I don’t know. I don’t worry what others think of me any longer and I make eye contact when I am talking to people, which I didn’t do 6 months ago.
Two years had passed, and I found myself running in place only to go nowhere. This is when I realized the benefit of a life coach; I needed guidance. After yet another dead end job application, I reached out to Michelle. During my work with Michelle I had an opportunity to meditate with her, which I had never done before, and didnʼt quite know what to expect, but she gently guided me about certain affirmations and positions to facilitate the process. I was amazed at how I was able to calm my ADHD mind and actually become aware of a deeper, wiser, more innate core, while gaining a hypersensitivity to the world around me. As a skeptic, I am still surprised that I had such a surprisingly profound experience. …After going over some of my hopes and fears, Michelle helped illuminate to me a spectrum of energy that we all find ourselves in–either we are aglow at the top with success or wallowing at the bottom in self-perceived failure. The key is to take our failures and burn them up as fuel to keep on going. By recognizing my own pattern of self-defeat, I could also realize that there is a way out; it is possible to feel good and maybe even find success again. Sometimes our fears hold us back, and by naming them and calling them as such, they lose their power and hold. I already knew in the back of my mind a lot of the things she said, but Iʼve never been willing to recognize them until Michelle guided me to find myself in such an open-ended manner. At the end of the session, we took a pragmatic approach to fulfilling some more immediate goals. Baby steps. Michelle helped me identify some of my options, while keeping my expectations realistic and manageable. She also gently nudged me into adopting a self-proscribed timeline for fulfilling these goals.


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