“I have found Michelle to be a consummate professional in her delivery of coaching support. She brings a high level of superb listening and reflective skills to every conversation and has a gentle but highly effective style for moving one into action and results. It was a delight and pleasure working with her and I have wholeheartedly recommended her services to other colleagues. Michelle is one of those rare individuals that can blend highly skilled professional expertise with a warm personal touch. The result is a coaching relationship that moves one into action without it feeling like work. I thoroughly enjoyed her deep sense of humour and intense interest in my weekly topics and found her style to infuse me with energy for action after every call. It is that level of inspiration and support that has brought spectacular results in my business ventures and encourages me to recommend her services wholeheartedly to other colleagues.”

Professional Leadership Coach, Level 7 Coaching, LLC
Co-founder of gameCHANGE
“When I made the decision to engage Michelle in a coaching relationship, it was due to her infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude coupled with large amounts of genuine encouragement. I had experienced coaching several times previous with two different individuals with mixed results; with Michelle it was completely different. Her approach using the energy leadership levels was new and fresh and very effective for me. During our coaching sessions she is so focused it makes one feel that you are the only important person in the world. She was able to keep me on task, and was committed to helping me reach my goals. She is tough and is willing to ask the deep questions that inspire real growth, but always with great love and concern. She is non-judgmental, kind, caring and has a great sense of humor. I strongly recommend her to anyone desiring the make some personal or professional changes in their life.”

Founder & Owner | Mueller Construction
“The session with Michelle was very valuable because we were able to meet with her in such a small group. We really got a lot of personal interaction, and she was a fantastic speaker.”

Roaring Fork Leadership Program serving Aspen to Rifle, Colorado
“I’m proud to call Michelle my ‘coach’ as I continue to build my business. I’ve worked with Michelle for several months now and find she brings incredible value to every coaching conversation we have. She is intensely focused on my agenda, uses her deeply intuitive listening skills to my benefit, and has an encouraging way to hold me accountable to what I have committed to accomplish. Coaching sessions with Michelle are never a time to sit back and coast…she pushes me! She helps to bring out the best in me and never settle for less than what I truly want…in business, in relationships, in athletics, and in life. Anyone who is committed to success and is looking for that competitive edge that will help them soar to new heights will benefit immensely from working with Michelle.”

Co-owner | gameCHANGE
“It has been such a pleasure having Michelle as my coach. Her enthusiasm and upbeat nature are contagious and I ALWAYS feel more empowered after talking to her. Michelle has the ability to really hear what I am saying and then asks the perfect questions to get me to really think about what it is I want and how I want to get there. She holds me accountable to what I have said I am going to do and if for some reason I don’t follow thru, well, then we dive into that and figure out whether something is preventing me from moving forward, or if perhaps, I really don’t want to go in that particular direction after all. There is no feeling of having made a mistake, it is more about being curious and figuring out what it is that I really do want to work towards. I strongly recommend Michelle as a coach. You will find the relationship to be inspiring, and you will resolve any issues you are having, work on goals, create more harmony in your life, whatever it is you are looking to gain, you will find success having Michelle as your coach.”

“Michelle can handle so many topics with grace, she helps keep work/personal life in perspective and I could really use this (coaching) every day. On one account I’ve even given up a physical therapy session to not miss and have to reschedule my coaching session with her.”

“Michelle exudes warmth and a sincere interest in ridding one of stress as she helps craft a lifestyle that brings awareness of one’s real goals and how to reach them. She has a unique way of dispelling the fog that often obscures our real desires.”

“When Michelle ‘checks in’ with me each week, I know that she’s kept good notes. Often my life has spun in a hundred different directions, but she brings me back to a meaningful segment that I have targeted for growth. Without her, it would be so easy to let what I want to be a priority take a back seat.”

Early Intervention Speech Language Pathologist
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