Does the fear of failing, letting others down,
or being selfish keep you from pursuing
your fondest dreams?


We can teach you how to overcome your fear of change and growth. When you recharge your battery, you power up your life, so you’ve got more to give to your loved ones, your career, and yourself. Your journey toward learning to say “yes” to your own truest goals begins with a single step. Click on my contact link at the bottom of this page to begin.


Using Coach With Michelle tools and assessments to Live Bigger, Bolder, Braver, we work with our clients that are stuck, un-stimulated and even feel trapped to shift the mindset from fear to one of possibilities. We do this using our leadership development process that encompasses a review of the client’s behaviors, attitudes, values and environment. Through this method we offer a safe harbor for client’s to explore, grow, plan and implement a new forthright way of being.


A client that has the tools to lead with confidence, a desire to contribute their skills and abilities at a higher level, and lives life from a natural, aligned rhythm. When a client takes action from a place of bravery it increases their insight into the world of endless possibilities, leaving them with more time to focus on what really matters.


I was engaged in Life Coaching with Michelle Lefebvre during a period that coincided with one of the most difficult periods of my life, involving both business and personal issues. At the beginning of my sessions, it was difficult for me to see many positives in any area of my life. Losing a business, commuting long distances for employment, and the associated impacts on my family seemed overwhelming. Michelle’s coaching led me to understand how bringing positive energy into my decisions could impact the direction I would take. With her assistance, I have been able to address difficult decisions head-on, look for the best possible outcomes, and act on them. I am now firmly convinced that the energy I bring to any life situation will have a significant impact on the outcome. I have seen it happen. Michelle has an internal strength of character, coupled with an intuitive feel for where people are in their lives, and knows how to bring out the best in them. As life situations interject their way into your life, she is able to use them as learning opportunities. She does so gently and with great skill. I strongly recommend Michelle. She is a skilled coach who lives her beliefs, and brings others along.
STEVE SWANSONCFOHome Care & Hospice of the Valley
Following this 6-week “Growing Old Never Felt So Good” Mastermind group, I gained the confidence to speak up to my spouse of many years for the first time about topics that were important to me. I felt liberated and had no idea at my age this was possible.
PARTICIPANTGrowing Old Never Felt So Good Workshop & Mastermind group


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