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Michelle conducts seminars, workshops, & speeches to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. She is an entertaining and professional speaker who’s goal is to motivate audiences to try new ways of thinking and move them toward growth and change. Michelle brings a skillful, experiential-based facilitation style that is paired with a dynamic, warm-hearted presence that connects any audience.

Michelle has spoken at the White House alongside First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Donna Shalala, former United States Secretary of Health & Human Services. She inspires leadership groups with her full and half day trainings, works with organizations and businesses during times of growth and change, and gives key note addresses that move audiences.

Contact Michelle:
If you are interested in booking Michelle for an interview or speaking engagement please email Michelle and her team at teambold@coachwithmichelle.com

Private Coaching:

Let’s be clear here.  Even when you’re not in a big “crisis”, life’s journey can be challenging.  Okay, it can be more than challenging, it can be grueling at times.

And, if you’ve been living life like a never-ending marathon compensating by pushing yourself harder, using caffeine and sugar, and relying on other quick fixes it’s likely you’re pretty worn out.

Or maybe, life’s not “bad” per se, but you’re just feeling a profound shift in the make-up of who you are.  You’re no longer who you once were, and you’re not quite where you thought you would be.  Sound familiar?

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to.  Someone that can hold you accountable to the biggest possibility for you – the dream life you can’t even spot yet because it’s standing so close to you.  Someone who can help you take back your power and become a conscious creator.  Someone to help you revitalize your life, making yourself a priority, having all the energy you need to manifest anything you desire.


YOU: professional, pulled-together, motivated, savvy, proactive.

You’re dependable and come through for people, because that’s who you are.  But your authentic voice and dreams have fallen off the priority list.  Deep inside, you know you’re not truly thriving.  You know that life could hold so much more for you if only you knew how to claim it.

Isn’t it time to take back your life, fulfillment and joy?
Are you ready to be challenged on a whole new level?


Here are just some of the results you can achieve from one-on-one coaching:
  • Define your most heartfelt dreams and change careers
  • Uncover and release what has been draining you
  • Start your own passion-based business
  • Achieve financial freedom
  • Lose weight, get healthy, and regain energy and vitality
  • Mend relationships with family and friends
  • Get out of debt and begin actively saving for retirement and/or college
  • Increase both self-care and self confidence
  • Manifest the ideal life partner
  • Make an empowered career change
  • Start a non-profit organization
  • Enrich the intimacy of your primary relationship
  • Develop deeply fulfilling spiritual practices
  • Create more meaning and purpose in your life


These coaching services are designed to create
a vibrant life for you.


Packages may include:
  • A VIP Day Intensive
  • One on one private coaching sessions
  • Private “special topic” sessions pertaining to your specific needs
  • Various assessments, handouts, worksheets, and other supporting materials
  • Private email access between sessions
  • 10-minute Laser coaching sessions when required
  • Monthly or Weekly Accountability journals
  • A significant amount of access to me, reserved only for private clients
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